Best Apps used to Save Snapchat Photos & Videos (Android/Ios)


Want to save snapchat snaps? first of all Snapchat is an awesome application which became popular for its unique feature, where we can set the timer for sent image to be seen by a receiver. This application is famous among the youth, sharing photos sometimes private and sometimes funny with the close one’s is fantastic thing among millennial generation. But annoying part arrives where image will be deleted automatically after the specified time, but don’t worry there are ways to save snapchat videos, photos and stories on Android and ios platforms using these simple SnapSave apps. Go through this article completely to know them.

Best Apps used to Save Snapchat Photos and Videos (Android/Ios)

1. SnapSave.

Snapsave, rather than just saving photos and videos it is more of replacing snapchat. For some unfortunate reasons this application has been removed from android play store but good news for apple users, it is available in apple app store on ios.

Download for iOS

Download APK for Android ( For Android users now this App might be down, click the link to confirm whether you can download SnapSave for Android)

Note: It is not the link to play store, but it is the link to app’s official site where you can download APK and install Snapchat saver. Most of the snapchat saving apps has been deleted from play store. So, most of the links are like the above one in this list.  

2. Snapchat Saver.

Android users are more for snapchat compared to ios users. Snapchat saver is an app for Android users. Using this application you can save pictures as well as video snaps. Not limited to only snaps, you can also save stories which have photos and videos.

Download APK for Android 


This app is exclusive for iOS and it is very easy to use. SnapBox comes with handy feature which let you download photos and videos on your apple photos application. All you need to do is login to this application using Snapchat ID & password, every activity you do i.e sharing photo or receiving photo will be automatically saved in your device.

Download for iOS

4. SaveMySnaps

This is an android application, you can use it to see snaps and download. Downloading using SaveMySnaps is not an automatic feature but it’s optional. Very important thing to remember while using this application is to download the snap before viewing if the timer runs out you might lose the snap.

Download APK for Android

5. Casper

Do you remember SaveMySnaps application? It’s the same developers who made this app. Casper is an auxiliary to SavemySnap. If I compare this app to all the other apps listed above, it got more features than rest. It is currently available only to Android users.

Download APK for Android

6. SnapCrack

This app has got extra feature of sharing pictures from your album apart from the feature of saving snaps and stories which we discussed till now. Best part of SnapCrack is it has got $4.99 paid version in App store with access to amazing features! Android users sorry!! It is available only in iOS app store.

Download for iOS

Know how you can use Facetime in windows:

Some other ways to Save Snapchat photos & videos on Android/iOS:

These are some clever ways to save Snapchat photos & videos on your device without the knowledge of sender:

  1. Have a spare camera/phone and take the photos of your received snaps on snapchat.
  2. Use file managers(Astro file manager/ES file explorer) to browse the temp files on your phone. Trick here is before you open the snap and let it get deleted it will be saved in temporary storage, save the snap once you find in temp folder.
  3. This is very nice trick, you know that there are data recovery software to recover the deleted data from your device and you also know that snaps will get deleted automatically once you open it. So, use software like Recuva(PC) or Disk Digger Pro (Android) to recover deleted data on your android phone.

Hff!! There are some hacks and apps to save Pictures & videos on Snapchat. So if you found this article helpful to save snaps please let us know in the comment section. Happy snap chatting!!!